Daily tarot reading january 19 2020

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Family Issues, Lenormand Leo, sometimes you have to conform to the powers that be. You may exhaust yourself when trying to break the rules that you know need to change. If it's not working here, things might be pushing you to find another location or situation to go to. It's okay to quit at times. Sometimes throwing in the towel is actually a win. Virgo, temptation is not foreign to anyone. When you feel like you're starting to give in when you want to push a vice away, run.

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You don't have to ruin a diet, give in to a friendship that you feel is toxic, or do something you know isn't right for you. It isn't always easy or simple, but it is possible. Libra, you learn from your emotional experiences. Being a student of human nature can give you pause today as you learn to understand your own complexities.

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Your feelings can be a guide or a thorn in the side today. Whichever way your emotions take you, learn from how you feel. Scorpio, you may be inclined to put yourself first after a period of self-sacrifice that seems to do you no favors.

If others don't show appreciation for your time and energy, you can make a final decision to simply withdraw yourself and reclaim your power. Sagittarius, you finally figure something that had you stumped out. Your eureka moment can be wondrous and helpful for you today. What a relief to know what it was that you could not figure out before. Capricorn, you're really working hard.

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Perhaps doing overtime and starting to see the benefit of being so dedicated to your work or relationship. You might realize that you're more willing to give than to receive and you don't mind making the effort as long as you are appreciated. Aquarius, business is business and money is money.

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You might have to make some financial plans this week and you'll need to keep your emotions out of the equation. Pisces, this is a creative time for you. You can be more expressive in ways that you yourself had not imagined you could be. Don't be surprised if a spark of creative energy gives you an idea for a poem, song, or to write a letter from the heart.

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