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This person is very creative, an idealist who wants to change the existing order of the world. A well supported un-afflicted Sun here makes a good leader. However, if the Sun is afflicted by malefics, the person can cause much damage.

Horoscope Date: Difference in Vedic & Western Sun Signs

Generally a person with Sun in Aries believes in doing good work, earning merit and has the eternal knowledge and is blessed by Savitur, the ancient solar deity. His mantra is Om and he believes in being true to his word. Taurus carries the energy of the Aryaman Aditya.

Understanding the sign of Aquarius in Astrology

Aryaman is a noble-man and he gives the lineage. He is the chief of ancestors and blesses you with marriage, children and inheritance. People with Sun in Taurus value family and uphold tradition, and are distinguished in nature.

The Zodiac, the secret signs Of vedic Astrology(sun signs) described - Astrozing

Gemini carries the energy of Mitra Aditya who is a friend and enforcer of contracts. People with Sun in Gemini will be very compassionate and will value friendship and agreements. They tend to work in groups and with key alliances. They are very liberal and have an inclusive view of the world. They are very intelligent or will show appreciation for intellectual work. The sign Cancer carries the blessings of Varuna Aditya.

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Varuna is the ruler of the seas and the upholder of moral order of the universe. People with Sun in Cancer usually have a fantastic work ethic and work tirelessly towards their goal. They often hold positions of authority and can be very punishing to others as they fight to uphold their chosen values. Leo carries the energy of the Aditya Indra.

Indra is the King of the Devas who are the carriers of knowledge and light. People with Sun in Leo enjoy pomp and show and they are learned.

Everything You Need To Know About Sidereal Astrology

If the Sun is well positioned and un-afflicted in Leo, they may be able to show restraint as Indra is one who has control over his sense organs. They are usually comfortable holding power and vanquish their enemies, however they indulge in political games and manipulation needed to retain power. Virgo carries the energy of the Aditya Vivaswan who is bright and effulgent, controlling the fire element.

People with Sun in Virgo look for purity and perfection and are devoted to service. They are interested in spiritual upliftment.

If we are low in one element we can over-compensate. For example:- Low in fire can be over dramatic; life always seems like a rollercoaster. Low in earth there is a real need for physical security. The person has to own possessions and places high value on them. Low in air there is a tendency to talk too much, everything is over analysed and there is a constant mental chatter going on.

Low in water tends to be over emotional, rather than processing their feelings they are overwhelmed by them.

The Zodiac According to Indian Tradition

This site uses cookies: Find out more. The International Astronomical Union divided the sky into 88 constellations with precise boundaries, making every star belonging to a particular constellation. Seen from Earth, the sun moves slowly in the Celestial Sphere and passes through constellations, forming a large circle for a year.

This circle is called Ecliptic. The Ecliptic is divided into twelve equal portions each equivalent to 30 degrees ; each portion was named after the closest constellation.

Sun Sign Chart

All these twelve portions were called Ecliptic Constellations, according to which western horoscope theories developed. The astrologists divide a year is into 12 periods, during each period the sun being in a constellation area. People believe that different sun signs of the zodiac present different characteristics and talents. Answers App. Twelve Signs of the Western Astrology. Am Michael by name am from Nigeria, am born in September